Medical Waste Disposal Company

florida’s premier medical waste company

EnviroMed is Northwest Florida’s premier medical waste company for the collection, transport, treatment, and disposal of regulated medical waste. We are fully licensed, insured and regulated by the Department of Health, OSHA, USDA and DOT compliant. EnviroMed is also a member of the Better Business Bureau and National Association of Women Business Owners.

Pensacola Medical Billing

We accurately track the medical waste disposal process through the chain of custody procedures and documentation, rigidly meeting all state and federal requirements for the handling of such materials.

Why Choose Us?

Excellent Customer Service. When you call EnviroMed, you speak to an actual person.

No Hidden Cost. Our quoted price is what you will pay.

Flexible Pick-ups. We can accommodate your busy schedule whether it is biweekly, weekly, bimonthly, monthly or on call.

Staff Training. We can provide your staff with training on how to properly handle regulated medical waste in compliance with the Department of Health and OSHA.

Tracking. We provide you with manifest documentation which is required by state law.

Short-term Contracts. We offer our customers short-term contracts because we are confident that you will remain a long-term customer.

We are the only treatment facility in NW Florida. We keep your cost low because we are an all inclusive company.

EnviroMed has safely been disposing of medical waste in accordance with all permits and regulations since 1998.


Our Team Mission

Our Company and our employees are truly dedicated to customer service. We are committed to offer the highest quality service at the lowest possible cost to our customers.

Our quoted prices are all-inclusive and you will never experience any hidden costs. We will always strive to exceed your expectations.

If you are interested in our services, we would be happy to talk with you. Just call 877-799-1609.